Call for evaluation tasks for the 8th China Conference on Health Information Processing (CHIP 2022)

The China Health Information Processing Conference is organized and undertaken by the Biological and Medical Information Processing Professional Committee of the Chinese Information Society of China. It is one of the most important academic conferences in the field of health information processing in China. It has been successfully held for seven sessions so far. China Health Information Processing Conference has become a core conference in the fields of medical, health and biological information processing and knowledge mining in China, bringing together scholars, researchers and industrial R&D personnel in the fields of medical informatics, health informatics and bioinformatics. Since CHIP2018, the meeting has added evaluation tasks. CHIP2018 set up 2 evaluation tasks and got off to a good start. CHIP 2019 has set up 3 evaluation tasks and attracted more than 200 participating teams. CHIP 2020 has set up 6 evaluation tasks, attracting more than 1,000 people to participate. CHIP2021 has set up 3 evaluation tasks, and more than 100 institutions have participated, including universities, research institutes, hospitals and corporate institutions.

CHIP 2022 will continue to organize evaluation competitions related to medical, health and biological information processing and knowledge mining, aiming to provide researchers with a platform for testing technologies, algorithms, and systems. Teams with excellent results will receive honorary certificates and bonuses issued by the special committee. The evaluation organizer will be invited to write an overview paper, and the evaluation winning team will be invited to write a technical paper. These papers will be reviewed and guided by experts organized by the special committee and published in core Chinese journals.

The conference sincerely solicits CHIP2022 evaluation task plans from scholars, research institutions and enterprises in related fields. Participants of the evaluation competition will be invited to share their techniques, methods, and experiences.


Schedule (tentative):

  • Deadline for assignments: March 1-April 30
  • Mission preparation: May 1st - June 15th
  • Evaluation task release: June 16 - June 30
  • Registration time: June 16 - September 16
  • Training and validation data release: June 15th - July 15th
  • Test data release: September 25
  • Submit test results: September 28
  • Paper submission date: August 10, 2022
  • Acceptance notification: September 24, 2022
  • CHIP meeting date: October 21-23, 2022
  • Evaluation paper format review: 2 weeks after the meeting
  • Review paper revision: 4 weeks after the meeting
  • Evaluate papers for review

Evaluation Chair:

  • Jianbo Lei, Medical Informatics Center of Peking University,China
  • Zuofeng Li, Takeda, China
  • Buzhou Tang, Harbin Institute of of Technology(Shenzhen), PENG CHENG LABORATORY,China

Submission of evaluation tasks:

    Please send the evaluation task plan to the evaluation mailbox by email ( . The content of the task and the preparation process of the evaluation data should be described in detail in the plan. For the template and content of the evaluation plan, please refer to the description text of each task of CHIP2019, CHIP2020 and CHIP2021 (see the official website)( CHIP2019 Evaluation Introduction , CHIP2020 Evaluation Introduction , CHIP2021 Evaluation Introduction ), Submit as word document.

Evaluation topic:

    Evaluation tasks include (but are not limited to) health, medical treatment, biological information extraction, analysis and knowledge mining, health, medical, biological knowledge graph construction related technologies, health, medical, biological question and answer, conversation, medical assistant decision support, etc.