Call for tutorial proposal

We welcome proposals for tutorials on either core health information processing topics or topics of emerging importance for health information processing. We will consider any topic, provided that the proposal makes a strong argument that the tutorial is important for the CHIP community. Tutorials should be of interest to a substantial portion of the community and should represent a sufficiently mature area of research or practice.

A maximum of 2 pages in length including references (if any) is accepted. Tutorial proposals must contain a general description of the topic proposed in appropriate headings, and should be clearly structured to provide the following information:

Tutorials are organized before the CHIP 2020 conference and each tutorial can be scheduled as 1.5 hours or half-day session (3 hours) with breaks.

To submit a proposal, email to and with “CHIP Tutorial Proposal” in the subject line.

Tutorial Chairs, CHIP 2020

Of note, a CHIP tutorial should not focus exclusively on the results or tools of the presenters or their organizations. Instead, a tutorial should provide a balanced overview of an area of research.